Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Reason Why You Should Use Windows 8 Or 8.1 OS

Windows 8.1(known as Windows Blue) is the upgrade version of windows 8.On the basis of users demand Developers made a lot of changes in win 8.1.Let’s see some major improvements and changes of win 8.1. First of all I would like to tell about Personalization. Win 8.1 allows any kind of picture such as family pictures or any other pictures on the lock screen.

To ensure the file security, this windows has given more priority in the sky drive. In the sky drive you can store any kind of files and can easily use them even you are in offline. Sky drive can be modified directly form pc settings.

windows 8 features

Microsoft has added a cool feature in win 8.1,It doesn’t have annoying the static windows 7 login screen to desktop to take any picture. You can take snaps with the built-in camera right from the Lock screen. This version of windows comes with lot of colors and background pictures for the start screen. The most amazing part of win 8.1 is,anyone can use his desktop background as his start screen background.

The new version will offer start button and easy booting system without restarting.Programmers implemented a lot of new apps and apps management system in windows 8.1. Internet explorer 11 is the built in explorer in win 8.1. Microsoft has made a lot of changes in explorer 11 to easy page load and to give the maximum performance to the user.

Developers designed win 8.1 to give better performance on touch devices. Microsoft has not published details about the price value of this windows. ‘Antoine Leblond’ Corporate Vice President of Microsoft windows program told that Win 8.1 will be unveiled for public preview on 26July at Microsoft’s’ Build conference

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